Esther Littlefield does it all! She is the founder and CEO of Morningstar Media Services, writer of her own personal brand, and host of the Christian Woman Leadership Conference Podcast, just to name a few.

Everything she does is to help others. At Morningstar Media, Esther serves businesses through content management, with a focus on podcasts. As for her personal brand, Esther helps women leaders by giving them the encouragement, tools, and resources needed to be their best.

However, Esther didn’t plan her life with this end goal in mind. After college, Esther became a social worker to help people just as others helped her. It wasn’t until years later that she got the idea to help people in a unique way; through the creation and ownership of her own business, tailored to help overwhelmed businesses.

Check out this week’s podcast to find out exactly how Esther managed this incredible feat. Click the podcast tab at the top of this page, plug in some headphones, and prepare to be amazed!