Jay Berube, also known as JJ, is an incredible person. A true entrepreneur from a young age, Jay went from selling candy to classmates in the 4th grade to growing a large, well-oiled real estate business that put Jay in the Top 1% of Realtors worldwide.

All of his success came from taking risks, beating the odds, working through conflicts, focusing on self-improvement and keeping a determined mindset. However, Jay hasn’t always been a story seller, or one to share their story with customers to increase understanding and create a deeper relationship.

So, Jay has taken these past few weeks to analyze his life story to see what events put him on his path today. From there, Jay has been sharing with the world.

Every person “story sells” differently. For Jay, it started with a long-form Facebook post about his son, complete with a portion relating to his followers, and finished with a take-away. Others prefer videos and other visual media as their story therapy.

Whichever path you choose, create a deeper connection with your customers through our story therapy. Before you embark on this journey, check out Jay’s podcast on the Podcast section of this site!