Wouldn’t it be great if your income jumped from $15,000 a year to over $150,000?

For Sandy Forster, this wasn’t a what-if scenario. It was her reality! Unfortunately, a lack of money skills resulted in the loss of this wealth in a relatively short period of time. But rather than wallow in self-pity, Sandy began a deep research into the subject of money, prosperity, and abundance.

Most importantly, she discovered how to make it flow, grow, and multiply!

Now Sandy is sharing her secrets (and talents) with the world, as an International Millionaire Mindset Speaker, Mentor, Bestselling Author, and Award-Winning Business Owner. And the cherry on top? Sandy’s been awarded 8+ international business awards and has been called “Oprah’s Aussie Secret”.

Our podcast with Sandy Forster is one you cannot afford to miss! Plug in and discover how to create a life you truly love.