In this week’s podcast, we had the amazing opportunity to talk with Andreah Barker. She’s a woman with many talents: writer, ghostwriter, entrepreneur, and published author, to name a few! Her first ebook, Lean in With Love: A Story of Acceptance, has recently been published and can be found on Amazon’s Best Sellers in Motivational Self-Help Books list.

However, Andreah didn’t always identify as a writer… or even a ghostwriter! It was only a few years ago that she chose to really become a writer, starting by self-identifying as one. This idea of identification is a constant theme, as we strive to find people who identify similarly, then further develop our talents together.

Like most businesses, Andreah’s success didn’t come overnight. Rather, her determination to seek out work, practice with price negotiation, and creation of personal connections with clients began at the young age of 14– as a babysitter! So how did Andreah build on these skills, maximizing her abilities, to become the woman she is today? And how can you use these skills in your business?

Find these answers and more in this week’s podcast! Listen on iTunes or click one of the channels at the bottom of the page.