Rose is an amazing Digital Strategist, but didn’t start her career that way! She began working in corporate banking and found herself stuck there for 9 years. While it was considered a good job, she knew it was the wrong industry for her, as she loved working with technology.

The banking job didn’t bring her satisfaction that technology did and the love for the job faded with time. But the love of personally knowing and working with clients didn’t.

The corporate job had a few perks, the most important being the opportunity to meet and work with several successful business owners. As Rose got to know them, they found out about her skills for Web Development and marketing online.

Her love for computers and the online world began years and years ago. As a kid, Rose spend quality father-daughter time watching her father build computers.

She decided to pursue IT in her free time–learning the boring, interesting and exciting parts of the job–while he taught her what he knew about building computers.

As time went on, Rose discovered she had a gift for creating things online. These skills originated as a hobby, building websites on Microsoft Publisher for fun. The more she built, the more people came to ask for her help promoting their websites.

The more people that came to her, the more Rose knew she had to make a decision: start her own business or stay in corporate banking? Beforehand, she figured that old money was required in order to start a business. But it was working personally with clients at her corporate job that she wa taught otherwise.

Inspired by customers going after her dreams, Rose decided to follow suit!

What started as a job Rose did for free, soon had a small fee tacked on. This did nothing to stop the stream of referrals; in fact, they kept pouring in!

From the get-go, it was apparent that running her own business was a good change for everyone: she was happier, her children and husband was happier.. For the first time in years, she was excited about her work!

As many small entrepreneurial businesses, Rose started her business by offering everything. As time went on, she narrowed her skills and services on Pinterest and online advertising–something she had developed a knack for.

Many of Rose’s coworkers and friends over the years shared with her their fantastic ideas. As Rose knew, these ideas were no good unless you could effectively market yourself online. Getting your name recognized and developing a solid SEO is crucial in today’s online world- something that takes time to build. Otherwise, you become buried in the stream of online content.

Fortunately, Rose knows how to help businesses build quick, effective SEO through advertising and online marketing. There’s only so much a person can do to increase reach organically. But paid advertising, if used right, takes your business where it could not have gone before: to different audiences and countries. The world becomes your audience!

What Rose enjoys most about her job is the positive impact she’s creating. This process of being a part of something bigger, improving the future,  is exciting for her.

Does this story sound familiar? It is the story of hundreds of entrepreneurs who chose to follow their dreams. If you have an idea for a business, find inspiration in Rose’s story! Listen to the podcast for more information about how she took control of her life: