Becoming a raving success in the yoga world is much more difficult than performing the perfect Warrior pose! And yet, Arianne Traverso has done just this and more.

For more than a decade, Arianne has been a yoga teacher while moonlighting as a graphic designer and photographer assistant, which stem from her degree in arts and design. But during her college years, Arianne also caught the yoga bug, which opened her mind to the spiritual and physical elements of the practice.

After college, Arianne received her yoga teacher training certificate and became involved in the first-ever worldwide acro-yoga. Thanks to her large audience size and natural teaching ability, this became Arianne’s claim to fame!

This lead to teaching workshops in France, Germany, Jamaica, and other countries. Finally, Arianne decided to stop the traveling life and throw down roots in Miami by opening a business centered around helping yoga-enthusiasts find their niche in the yoga world.

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