Confidence. It’s something we all crave, an attribute in others that we admire, and an element we hope to build over time. The word “confidence” is thrown around a lot, but just how much of a role does confidence play in our lives?

For Angela Little, confidence was (and is) everything. Born and raised in an entrepreneurial family, it was no surprise when she pursued big dreams and became self-employed. However, in 2009, with her finances drained and with little children at home, Angela’s confidence was shattered.

Over time, Angela’s confidence grew- slowly and tentatively- as she pursued a new dream. Now, Angela is an international bodybuilder and fitness model… after having 4 kids and being 40-years-old!

Growth, change, and developing confidence can be uncomfortable. If this is something you struggle with, you must listen to our podcast featuring Angela! You’ll learn so much from her life story, go-get-em attitude, and strive for better confidence.

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