What is your passion?

For Tamarah Bartmess, her passion is helping families by changing with wellness lifestyles. This is best done through natural and effective alternatives, such as essential oils, which she sells and teaches how to correctly use.

However, Tamarah didn’t always see herself as an entrepreneur. Growing up, her dad was an entrepreneur, and she experienced firsthand the struggle that comes with this career path. But the marketing freedom, money making process, and constant flow of ideas always had a special pull.

In her early 20s, Tamarah’s knee began to swell and she soon became enveloped in health problems. Fast forward to now, as a mother of 5 kids (with an age range of teenage to toddler), Tamarah is still fighting with autoimmune diseases and their effects.

Looking at the positives of any situation, Tamarah took her years of learning about the disease and remedies to create a movement to help others find non-traditional answers to health challenges. Then she decided to build a business around it.

You will find hope, positivity, and a great story in Tamarah’s podcast. Click on the Podcast section of the site, pull out a pair of earbuds, and get ready to learn how looking on the bright side can help your business!